The Leading Rubber Suppliers and Manufacturers in Birmingham, West Midlands

Quality-Assured Rubber Products since 1937

Bespoke Moulding

Completing all work in-house, our experienced team supply bespoke high-quality rubber mouldings to a wide array of clients. We also offer plastic injection moulding services.

Custom Products

Taking control of compounding and barrelling for all our own products, we assure that all items meet our high standards. Whatever your needs, we undertake jobs of all sizes and types.

Rubber and EPDM Hoses

Suitable for all applications, our range of bespoke rubber and EPDM hoses include plain, reinforced, and herringbone designs. Additionally, we can design and manufacture any type of hose or tube to meet your needs.

Extrusions and Fenders

Ensuring all rubber compounds and mixes meet your specific requirements, we create custom extrusions and fenders of all sizes, styles, and cross-sections, guaranteed impeccable results every time.


Supplying and Manufacturing Rubber Products

As reputable rubber suppliers and manufacturers, we provide high-quality bespoke products.

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About The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd

Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd is one of the world’s leading moulders of bespoke rubber products. Since 1937, our rubber suppliers and manufacturers have produced high-quality products in the heart of England’s industrial region. With a wide range of skills, expertise, and equipment, we offer a first-class service to clients in various sectors all over the world, employing rigorous quality control checks to ensuring that all products are produced and delivered on time, every time. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.


Our Standard Products

In addition to custom products, we also provide a wide variety of high-quality rubber items, including:

  • Sherborne Double-D Fender
  • Rubba-Guys and Mini-Tyes Rubber Tensioners
  • Drain Rubber Testing Rings and Discs
  • Various Assembly Works Using ‘Poka-Yoke’

Sectors We Serve

The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd primarily serves the engineering, electrical, and automotive industries in the UK, Europe, South America, and Africa. Our company offers small, medium and large production runs on a diverse range of bespoke products for many sectors of industry, including:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Marine
  • Ship Building
  • Aerospace
  • M.O.D.
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas

Services We Offer

Backed by expert knowledge of the industry and close links with local suppliers, our experienced team provide a wide array of high-quality products and services. With machine presses ranging from 30-tonne to 450-tonne, we are well equipped to meet your exact specification for all products.

Shipping our products all over the world, we offer the following:

  • Rubber Compounding

  • Rubber Moulding

  • Rubber-to-Metal Bonding

  • Rubber Extrusions

  • Rubber Sheet and Matting

  • Gaskets

  • Rubber

  • Cork

  • Felt

  • Shot Moulding

  • Hoses and Tubes

  • Plain Rubber

  • Cotton-Braided

  • Steel-Braided

  • Rubber Blank Profiling

  • Plastic Injection Moulding

  • Auto-Clave Services

  • Assemblies