Versatile Rubber and EPDM Hoses in Birmingham, West Midlands

Need rubber and EPDM hoses for commercial and industrial purposes? The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd provides a comprehensive range of bespoke hoses made from rubber or EPDM, (synthetic rubber) manufactured to suit your requirements. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, our unique production facilities enable us to create hoses of any design and specification. Get in touch today for further details.


Meeting Your Needs

Making all hoses to suit your exact specification, we typically produce plain, reinforced and herringbone designs. Hoses can be manufactured straight or, where required, using mandrels to pre-form shapes where necessary. Both extrusion dyes and formers are manufactured at competitive prices.

Plain Rubber

Our non-reinforced plain rubber hoses are manufactured to your custom specification. These hoses are available in various materials, including:

  • Natural Rubber
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Neoprene Rubber

Producing High-Quality Rubber Hoses

Our bespoke rubber and EPDM hoses are manufactured by our experienced suppliers.

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Reinforced Rubber

Suitable for pressure and strength usage requirements, our reinforced rubber hoses are cotton- or steel-braided to suit your specific needs.


With a unique design, herringbone hose is a bespoke automotive hose that is suitable for low-pressure usage only.