Reliable Plastic Injection Moulding Services in Birmingham, West Midlands

Want to create high-quality plastic products? As a complement to our rubber moulding services, The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd also offers plastic injection moulding services for clients throughout Birmingham, West Midlands, and around the world. With moulding machine presses ranging from 30-tonne to 450-tonne, we create almost any plastic moulded product to your exact specification, using any formula of plastic polymer that you require. Contact our team today to get started.


Custom Moulding

With complete control of our production process and a wealth of experience in rubber moulding, we are well placed to provide custom moulding services. We can either fit our machinery with your existing moulds, or help you design new ones and recommend reputable toolmakers who will produce them at a reasonable price.


Manufacturing Plastic Products

Through our plastic injection moulding products, we offer outstanding plastic products.

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