Efficient Rubber Moulding Services in Birmingham, West Midlands

Need help with rubber moulding? As bespoke moulders of rubber since 1937, The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd produces a wide variety of rubber and rubber-related products. Using compression, transfer, and injection moulding techniques as appropriate, we create custom items of all styles and sizes. Offering quick turnaround times and impeccable results, we do our utmost to meet all your design requirements. Get in touch with our rubber suppliers in Birmingham, West Midlands, today to enquire about our services.


In-House Manufacturing

At The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd, our ISO 9001:2008-accredited suppliers are here to help with all your needs. By compounding all rubber in-house, we can shorten lead times and create custom characteristics such as hardness and colour, to meet your needs. What’s more, we use a versatile plant, with presses ranging from 30-tonne to 450-tonne.

Compression Moulding

With compression, a pre-formed rubber blank is placed inside a cavity of a mould and then compressed. The rubber is spread all around the mould, forming a product that matches your desired specification.

Transfer Moulding

For transfer moulding, a billet of rubber is placed inside a transfer box, which is usually located above the mould cavities. The rubber is then forced into the mould with a plunger.


Injection Moulding

Used in high-volume production, injection moulding involves rubber being injected directly into either a standard or custom mould cavity.


In-House Cryogenic Barrelling

Cryogenic barrelling is an efficient method of processing large volumes of product. The products are frozen with liquid nitrogen and then tumbled around in a barrel, which removes the flash from all of the outer edges. We use our barrelling equipment to tumble our products as well as our customers’ items. 

From tiny washers to large bonded products, all rubber items can be quickly and efficiently processed in large batches, leaving a clean and professional finish. Furthermore, we combine this process with a hand-finishing service and rigorous quality testing to ensure that all products are delivered to your specification and high standards.


Moulding All Rubber Products

From injection moulding to rubber-to-metal bonding, our rubber moulding services are second to none.

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Rubber-to-Metal Bonding

The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd is uniquely well placed to offer items involving rubber-to-metal bonding. We produce custom rubber and metal components in-house to BS ISO 9001:2008 standards, using our facilities for compounding rubber and manufacturing steel, brass, and aluminium components.

With full control over our production process, we will de-grease, shot-blast, and apply chemical adhesives to surfaces to prepare them for bonding. Keeping you informed from start to finish, we can also advise on tooling, design, rubber formulas, and bonding techniques.

Undertaken in the UK, all our tooling is competitively priced, and our rigorous quality-checking process ensures that all rubber-to-metal bonded products are of the highest quality.

Shot Moulding

For custom moulding solutions, look no further than our company. Useful for when you have your own extrusions and need to bond them together, we employ a unique technique mainly used in the window manufacturing industry, in which we mould sharp corners onto rubber extrusions.

We are happy to use our own formulations of rubber or create bespoke compounds to meet your specifications for the shot mould, following ISO 9001:2008 standards. Alternatively, we also offer rubber extrusion manufacturing services, enabling you to create your entire custom product from scratch.

If tooling is involved, we can advise you on design and recommend reputable UK-based manufacturers with competitive prices.