Bespoke Rubber Products in Birmingham, West Midlands

Looking for rubber products that suit your exact needs? Turn to The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to provide bespoke rubber products for all kinds of applications. In addition to offering plastic and rubber tooling services, we manufacture an array of tensioners, mats, and gaskets for our clients, using our skill in mixing and moulding different compounds to produce custom specifications where required. Get in touch today to discover more.


Rubba-Guys and Mini-Tyes

Our most popular rubber products are our Rubba-Guys and Mini-Tyes, which are used as rubber tensioners for a variety of fittings. Ideal for articulated lorry side curtains and boat moorings, our tensioners are available in a variety of different lengths and styles to suit your needs and applications.

Mini-tyes (Tensioners)

  • No. 1 – 125mm (5″)
  • No. 2 – 165mm (6.5″)
  • No. 10 – 255mm (10″)

Rubba-Guys (Tensioners)

  • No. 1 – 75mm (3″)
  • No. 2 – 165mm (6.5″)
  • No. 10 – 255mm (10″)

Rubber and Plastic Tooling

As part of our services, we offer high-class precision tooling for both rubber and plastic at competitive prices. Backed by extensive industry experience and skills, we offer bespoke tools to use for whatever moulding requirements you have. 

Manufacturing all products in the UK, we can guide you through all aspects of tooling from start to finish and help you choose the right process for your high-quality components.


Rubber Matting

Choose high-quality rubber matting for use in gymnasiums, stables, play areas, gateways, and industrial settings. With a huge range of styles, thicknesses, and lengths of matting to choose from, we are happy to provide excellent products and professional advice on suitable adhesive and fitting methods for your bespoke requirements.

Types of rubber matting include:

  • Broad-Ribbed Matting
  • Fine-Ribbed Matting
  • Checker Matting
  • Studded Matting
  • Diamond-Studded Matting
  • Pebble-Design Matting
  • Electric Matting (Tested to Strict ISO Standards for Working Safely with Equipment of Various Voltages)

Designing Bespoke Rubber Products

We provide a wide selection of rubber products and services to suit your needs.

Discuss Your Needs

Rubber Gaskets

We supply punched gaskets to suit your applications. Tooling can also be designed and obtained with a short lead time for your custom requirements. Gaskets are manufactured from a range of materials, including:

  • Commercial Rubber
  • Polychloroprene (Neoprene)
  • Nitrile
  • Natural Rubber
  • Insertion Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Cork
  • Felt
  • Expanded Foams
  • PTFE
  • Plastics