Hoses & Tubing

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke rubber and EPDM (synthetic rubber) hoses, manufactured in-house to suit every requirement.

We typically produce plain rubber, reinforced rubber and herringbone designs, but our unique production facilities permit us to produce hoses of any design and specification.

Hoses can be manufactured straight or, where required, using mandrels to form pre-formed shapes where necessary.

Both extrusion dyes and formers are manufactured at competitive prices.


Non-reinforced hoses that can be manufactured in natural / EPDM / nitrile / neoprene rubber to your custom specification.


Cotton- or steel-braided hoses for pressure and strength usage requirements.


A bespoke automotive hose used for low pressure usage only.

Rubber Hoses and Tubing

If you would like to discuss your hose or tubing requirements with us, please contact us via email or telephone, or use the contact form below.